Once upon a time, a little girl walked through the forest to visit her grandmother, who was not very well. On the way, she met two other children, who had been abandoned by their father, and they in turn stumbled across a girl who had been put into a deep sleep and who could only be awoken by a kiss from her true love. Oh, and there was another girl (with long hair), kept prisoner at the top of a tall tower. And ... three little pigs, a wolf, a cowardly prince (and his helpful horse), not to mention a boy with a beanstalk in his back garden. And we mustn't forget the fairies, of course. And a couple of giants. And the witches, all three of them. These shouldn't really be called fairy tales. These stories are scary tales, and in the pages of this book there is plenty to be scared of (as well as plenty to enjoy). If you want a fresh take on well-known tales and if you enjoy humour as well as just a little bit of a scare, this is the book for you!

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