Christopher Loft is actively involved in community theatre in Bedford, both as professional writer and amateur performer.

His most recent script was for the short film Risk Takers and History Makers, which formed part of the exhibition of the same name at the John Bunyan museum and the Panacea museum, Bedford. You can view the finished film here.


For Bedford TIE, Christopher wrote Spear of the Gods and Ordinary Heroes.

His plays The Interview Stage and Responsible Product were performed in Stagewrite festivals in Bedford and The Interview Stage was given a short run by the Swan Theatre Co in 2015.

Loftybooks Drama Club produced  Rats! by Christopher Loft, with music by Andy Merrifield, in 2019 at a local primary school, following on from the success of Piggiwiggery, with music also by Andy Merrifield, in 2018.