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The Magic: a story from The Village,

where the extraordinary is just

another part of ordinary life.


A Parting Gift: when a mysterious statue suddenly appears in the lobby of a certain primary school,

there are all sorts of unexpected consequences! 


Graham's Reward : Graham hates cleaning the flat, but to Susie it's very important. If Graham doesn't want to pull his weight around the flat,  maybe it's time for someone - or something - else to take over.

 The Personal Touch: It is young Karen's dream to become a professional singer, but when her big opportunity arrives, should she accept coaching from her mysterious new neighbour or heed the warnings of her father?

Film Night: It is Film Night at Silver Lake Academy and Miss Prettybore is ready to embark on her first extra-curricular activity. No harm could possible befall a young NQT and her enthusiastic group of film fans, could it? Surely not.

 The Serial Killers' Tea Party: When serial killers are lonely, how do they socialise? With a tea part of course! If you like your political satire a little on the sick side, this is the story for you!

Flat Mates: Judy has always felt responsible for Jessica, ever since they shared a flat together. Even more so now, when Jess is out there on her own, in a flat that won't keep quiet. But how far will Judy's sense of responsibility take her? And what did happen to the girl hitch-hiker that Bob picked up in Texas? 

The Minutest Detail: The staff at Silver Lake Academy have got a new tool for tracking pupil progress. But this is not a spreadsheet or colour-coded computer programme. This is something much more detailed, much more 'drilled down', much more ... incendiary! Find out what happens to Mr Token's class in this latest satire on the education system.

The Inheritance: Mary reluctantly returns to Yorkshire to take possession of her grandfather's house. She is not worried about the stipulation in the will that she has to spend a night there alone; she is only focused on the money she can make from selling the old ruin. But the house has secrets it wants to share with her and this will not be an easy night to get through!

 Wilbur The Magnificent: A supply teacher at Silver Lake Academy is having a magical effect on his pupils. But is he all that he appears to be or is there some sleight of hand at work?