In the two decades I spent as a primary-school teacher, I oversaw dozens of productions in a range of different schools. During that time, I wrote or adapted twenty plays of my own for young people, all of which are now available for purchase via the online shop.

Script packages cost only £15 for plays and £25 for musicals (including links to downloadable backing tracks and guide vocals). You won't find a better deal anywhere else! Titles  are shown below, followed by comments from pupils, parents and teachers about my work.


"There were many laughs and tears ... The songs were very catchy and good fun" 

"The play is wonderful, funny, clever and a brilliant interpretation; the script, music and presentation are excellent." 

"For one person to put so much effort, enthusiasm and professionalism into an event should definitely be applauded."

"It brought back memories of when I was at school."

"Splendid ... a delight ... wonderful ... all involved are to be congratulated."

"How impressed I was by the play … a tremendous work."

"A thrilling musical creation"

"An adventurous undertaking ... complex vocabulary ... quality."