Meet Everett Granger. By day, an employee of the local fast-food chain; by night, a would-be investigative reporter; by all accounts, one of the unlikeliest time travellers you could imagine. When Everett tunes into the police scanner one night, he stumbles upon a secret that will change not only his life, but the lives of all his friends and maybe even the entire universe. Or should that be the multiverse? Join Everett and the Mysterious Phenomena investigators as they try to make sense of alternate realities, confused identities and the possible rewriting of history. Taking in Nixon's White House, the wild west, and a futuristic planet or two, Time Burners is a breathtaking ride through the spacetime continuum, and will leave readers thrilled, possibly a little confused, but hopefully inspired. Find out how to travel through time and space in the pages of this original and entertaining novel from Christopher Loft, author of Missim Woods.

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