The Interview Stage

Martin Brown has an interview for a new teaching position. He was given a hard time at his last school, but that's all behind him now. He's ready for anything. He's thought through the questions they're likely to ask him. He's got a lesson ready in case they want to see him teach. But is he ready for a job interview that feels more like a police interrogation? Is he ready to face up to the secrets from his past? Is he ready for Brass and Squires? One way or another, they will get their man and Martin Brown is about to endure the toughest interview of his life.

The Interview Stage is a new one-act play about teachers, those they teach and those they answer to. It is a  comedy with a hint of malice and was given its first professional performance as a staged reading at The Place Theatre, Bedford on Thursday March 12th 2015. The Swan Theatre Co. produced its first run, during September 2015, also at The place, and it reached the finals of the 2015 British Theatre Challenge. A film of the production by Sky Blue Theatre Co at the British Theatre Challenge finals can be seen on youtube by clicking here.

The Interview Stage has been performed at The Etcetera Theatre, London; The Lost Theatre, London; The Place Theatre, Bedford. Comments from critics, cast and audience include:

"A highly original and funny script"

"extremely relevant...a rib-aching lesson of comedy"

"The script achieves something very rare - taking a chiched character pairing and presenting them in a new and interesting way"

"I feel it should be compulsory viewing for all new governors....brilliant writing"

"a fabulous piece of new writing....terrific new play"